Interface GeoGraphable

All Known Implementing Classes:
CalibratedMap, TiledMap

public interface GeoGraphable

Object capable of converting Geo points into a graphic context.

Method Summary
 ewe.fx.Point getMapPointFromPosition(GeoPoint pos, GeoDirection tmp, ewe.fx.Point pt)
          Compute X and Y on map from geo position.
 GeoPoint getPointFromMap(int xx, int yy, GeoPoint dest)
          Compute lat and long from position on map.

Method Detail


ewe.fx.Point getMapPointFromPosition(GeoPoint pos,
                                     GeoDirection tmp,
                                     ewe.fx.Point pt)
Compute X and Y on map from geo position.

pos - geo position to transpose.
tmp - GeoDirection reference to compute intermediate direction. If null a new object is allocated.
pt - point on bitmap image to compute. If null a new Point object is allocated.
Computed point. Should be pt or a new Point object.


GeoPoint getPointFromMap(int xx,
                         int yy,
                         GeoPoint dest)
Compute lat and long from position on map.